Jamming on the 101: Local Hip-hop Band Imperial Stars Give New Meaning to the Term 'Block Party'

Hardcore hip-hop band Imperial Stars will be the most popular band you've never heard of; this morning, the Garden Grove trio blocked the 101 Freeway in Hollywood during rush hour to perform their song “Traffic Jam 101” on a panel truck with their logo on it.

Obviously that did not make LA commuters happy; the police were even less thrilled and arrested the three people in the band. According to the LA Times, the traffic backup extended into the San Fernando
Valley. They also said “the driver of the truck fled in another vehicle and took the keys to the vehicle with him.”

¬†While the stunt itself was impressive (watch a video after the jump), “Traffic Jam 101” is not.


AOL's coverage was titled “Imperial Stars Block 101 Freeway at Rush Hour With Terrible Rap Song.” Gawker wasn't any kinder: “Band Will Be Super Popular for Blocking Freeway to Play Bad Song.”

On its website, Imperial Stars pledges this:

The Imperial Stars are committed to benefiting the displaced children of America through the voice of music. Charitable focused movements in addition to professional sound quality fit for all demographics; vision of mainstream success is directed back into the community voluntarily. Progression is a standard with our audio production, collective marketing strategies and overall business approach, therefore building relationships and doing well by them is the priority at Imperial One Entertainment.  The Imperial Stars will stand up for the over 1.5 million homeless children in the USA.

We're sure getting arrested is a great way to benefit displaced children of America.

Hear the full song here:

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