Jamie Oliver Coming to Santa Ana!

Jamie Oliver, savior of fat families and scourge of school districts, is bringing his food revolution to the OC city that needs it the most: big, bad, brown Santa Ana.

Gawd, the stats on SanTana–I do believe it's one of the fattest cities in the United States, with one of the worst parkland-per-person ratios in this country, a place that couldn't support a farmers' market–and now Jamie's coming to save the wabs!

The revelation is in a Los Angeles Times story highlighting Oliver's Food Revolution truck–not some mini luxe lonchera, but a big rig, the kind my daddy hauls across Southern California, except tricked out as a cooking school and amusement park.

There's no date yet for the Food Revolution's invasion of Santa Ana or where, although I wouldn't be surprised if Oliver teams up with the fine nonprofit Latino Health Access, which has been tackling for a good decade the very problems Oliver decries. Details to come. . . .

In the meanwhile, Jamie? Make sure to talk to all those Mexi families with healthy-ass nopales growing in their back yards that you ain't going to get at farmers' markets. . . .

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