James Franco Is Visiting UCI–and You Can't Go

Hey you, reader. Are you a James Franco fan? Or maybe you abhor him or just want to know what all the fuss is all about? Well, Franco is going to be at UCI in October as part of a series of events called UCI Illuminations, an arts and culture initiative from the chancellor. The only thing is, you probably won't be able to go because everyone else wants to too.


Franco will be at UCI's Barclay Theatre on October 3 at 8 p.m. to give a talk titled “Life and Art: A Conversation with James Franco” on, and I quote from the university's materials, “his broad artistic energies, his creative process, and his commitment to higher education and the liberal arts.”

The event, which is free for students, $15 for alumni and staff members, and $30 for community members is already sold out. School doesn't start for another two weeks. If you're a student, there'll be a student rush line for vacated tickets the night of the event, so if you want to wait in a giant line like the hundreds of basic girls that I saw outside of the Strand the last time I was in New York, feel free. You can also register for the Illuminations course, Uni Studies 43, to guarantee a ticket. There are 20 spots in the class left.

And for the rest of us: well, pay attention to Craigslist, I guess?

[A note: I hope this means UCI is going to start bringing in interesting speakers again. When I was a student, I got to listen to Bill Nye and the Mythbusters in two separate years].

For more information, check out the Illuminations website.

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