James Christopher Corr Gets Nearly 13 Years for Stealing Mom's SUV with Son and Dog Inside

James Christopher Corr, whose “Fuck the police” tat across his chest caught our eyes, was sentenced today to nearly 13 years in state prison for stealing an Aliso Viejo mom's SUV from her garage with her 2 1/2-year-old son and dog in the backseat and running over the frantic and pregnant woman's foot as he drove off.


James Christopher Corr of “F— the Police” Tat Fame Guilty of Wild Child Abduction Car Chase

The carjacker and parolee for a hit-and-run in Nevada in 2005 stole a Volvo SUV from an Aliso Viejo garage around 7:45 a.m. on Oct. 15, 2011. The resident, who was 30 weeks pregnant at the time, was leaving to meet her husband, who had been running in Newport Beach. Her toddler son, who was strapped into his car seat in the backseat with the family's Saint Bernard in a cage behind him, asked for water, so the mom dashed back into the residence to fill his sippy cup.

As she opened the garage door, she saw Corr, shirtless and tattooed, jump into her Volvo. She rushed toward the stranger and hurled the plastic cup at him. A scuffle ensued and she fell backward on her elbows. Corr then backed the Volvo up over her foot left her cut and bruised. He also damaged the SUV door next to the boy and left skid marks on the garage floor.

Corr drove off but later bailed, with the SUV ending up on a curb, still in drive with the door hanging open and the toddler and dog still inside. The car thief ran to one home and was trying to pry open a sliding glass door when he was captured by Orange County sheriff's deputies. His wallet contained $42 and papers taken during a vehicle break-in reported in Mission Viejo shortly before the crimes went down in Aliso. The little boy and pooch were OK.

While sentencing Corr to 12 years and eight months to life in prison today, Orange County Superior Court Judge Carla Singer told the defendant, “You are a thief by trade,” according to Paul Anderson's City News Service report.

But the judge added, “Your history of violence is minimal,” that if Corr's previous public apology to the victims and supposed epiphany while in custody about his errant ways are true, he might have a shot at making parole. If not, Singer said, “Then that's one less predator to worry about.”

Judge Singer had heard a victim impact statement from the mother, who said she suffers from “post-traumatic stress'' and her son who was kidnapped struggles with anxiety because of the ordeal.

“He continually asks if the 'bad guy' is going to take him again or if the 'bad guy' is in the garage again,” the mother informed.

She had wondered when Corr drove off whether she would see her boy alive again.

“Even to this day, recalling that moment is still gut wrenching,” she said, adding she could have lost two sons that day had the stress induced premature labor.

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