Jaime Segall-Gutierrez, Wackjob Pendejo Lawyer, Comes to Anaheim to Sue City, Pretend to Care About Injustice

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Boy, did I just laugh like as if I heard a Jeffrey Ross roast–just this morning, Whittier attorney Jaime Segall-Gutierrez held a press conference in front of Anaheim City Hall announcing he was going to sue on behalf of Victor Gonzalez and Jesus Reyna, two men who say they were brutalized by Anaheim cops after the July 21 melee at Anna Drive following the shooting death of pal Manuel Diaz. They want $1 million each.

I don't doubt the validity of their claims, but I do doubt the validity of their intellect, as Segall-Gutierrez is one of the biggest clown lawyers in Southern California–an anti-Semitic, homophobic apologist for anti-Semitic, homophobic lunatics.

Let's hop on the wayback machine to 2009, when KPFK-FM 90.7 fired Agustín Cebada, a Chicano dinosaur who was spewing all sorts of anti-Jewish shit on his late-night show. The Jewish Journal broke the story, but I connected the dots between Cebada and the wildly horrible La Voz de Aztlan, a website run by lunatic Hector Carreón that is to Chicanos what Barbara Coe is to gabachos–a racist lunatic with undue influence on mainstream society.

And that's when Segall-Gutierrez waddled into the picture. Roll the tape, Esteban!

…The funniest responses, though, belongs to Whittier lawyer Jaime Segall-Gutierrez, who fashions himself as “El Luchador del Pueblo.”
He sent me an email with many misspellings warning me to stay out of
the furor over “La Causa,” claiming it's part of a conspiracy within
KPFK by “apologist tio tacos” to put down La Raza. When I asked him if
he agreed with “La Causa” using La Voz as a news source,
Segall-Gutierrez didn't answer and whined I “over-simplified a complex
question.” HAHAHA.

It gets better. On his MySpace page (where amongst the heroes listed is Cebada), Segall-Gutierrez
called on his friends to picket KPFK and the Jewish Journal for not tolerating Cebada's pendejadas.
“Now [Cebada] finds himself in the hot seat with the KPFK tio taco
clique who
want to see his show go, because they prefer the more [sic] palitable
washed satire of the Pocho Hour of Power and other shows of the kind,”
Segall-Gutierrez writes, adding that Cebada isn't “[sic] affraid to
call the mayor on his [sic] counterdictions.”

Segall-Gutierrez's friends quickly responded to his call for
RAIDERS BITCHES!” one wrote.

“Yeah, player,” Segall-Gutierrez responded.

“You tell em Mane!!!!!” Misty wrote. “I say use your picket sticks and show em a RAZA
stick beating!!!! That'll shut em up!!! Power to the voice of truth and
to hell to all those who try to silence it!!!! PEACE!!!”

“Go Misty,” replied this California Bar-certified lawyer…

…And then there's the following that Carreon left on
Segall-Gutierrez's blog:

Does anyone here know if Gustavo Arellano, a member of the KPFK tio
taco clique, is a “closeted joto”? He is known to frequent gay bars in
Orange County but he has not yet admitted to his homosexuality. Also,
in hearing his voice on KPFK radio, it sure sounds like that of a
“maricon.” Arrelano has written some ugly screeds on Augustin Cebada
and La Causa in the OCWEEKLY.

Segall-Gutierrez's response:

Interesting, I didn't know that. But
until he comes out, I can only assume based on the overwhelming

TOO FUNNY. And California allows this man to be a lawyer?

Hey, Victor and Jesus: please, please, PLEASE drop this idiot of a lawyer. No one can take your claims seriously as long as he represents you. Need a better guy? Try this hero of the oppressed:

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2 Replies to “Jaime Segall-Gutierrez, Wackjob Pendejo Lawyer, Comes to Anaheim to Sue City, Pretend to Care About Injustice”

  1. Yeah he just opened a sowing of “Chicano Art” but it should have been titled, “Bighead Lawyer’s Self Love” it was not about the many artist, it focused on self aggrandizing.
    Jumping on the as a false prophet of “Civil Rights” lose weight on your big head first.

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