Jack Frost/Sativa and The Rocket Keychain Grinder: Our Tokes of the Week!

Dispensary: Peoples OC 2721 S. Grand, Santa Ana CA 92705 714-582-3446
Strain: Jack Frost/Sativa 21.4%THC
Price: $45 1/8 $85 1/4 
The Rocket Keychain Grinder
Price: $29.99
Purchased at BoingBoing.com, available at various online retailers

The Rocket Keychain Grinder is billed as “a Stoner's Best Friend,” because it's a grinder, storage and one-hitter that fits on your keychain. It's too big for my keychain and kind of looks like a butt plug but it's a pretty cool device you might want to add to your collection. The bottom part is a top quality grinder, the middle chamber is where you keep your ground bud and the one hitter unscrews from the pointy end. I couldn't wait to try it out!

As for what to smoke: I went to The Peoples OC, a legit dispensary in SanTana and purchased some Jack Frost, a strain that took five years to perfect. Like the other legit dispensaries in SanTana, Peoples OC has a very friendly and knowledgeable staff, but what's unusual is that you check in and go up to the second floor to see their showroom. I'm not disabled but I do suffer from neuropathy in my feet from the 18 chemo treatments I endured during my battle with stage 4 colorectal cancer. So I wonder how others with more severe ailments get up the two flights of stairs. Is there an elevator? Just wondering because I've seen patients at dispensaries in wheelchairs. Anyhow, I made my purchase of Jack Frost and headed home to put the Rocket to the test.

Jack Frost is an elite strain, citrusy on the lemon side, moist and dense, so the grinder came in handy. I take a small, slow drag, to enjoy the flavor of this dank strain. It tastes like sweet pine with an enjoyable lemony aftertaste. Another hit and BOOM I can already feel a buzz. With it's high THC percentage you can have a lot fun and laughs with Jack Frost. I Highly recommend it for anxiety, nausea due to chemo, or just to unwind and relax. And don't forget your new BF—the Rocket Grinder!

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