Ivy Lounge & Grill, A Persian Restaurant, To Open Soon In Tustin

When Le Yogourt closed in Old Town Tustin at the corner of Newport and El Camino Real, it seemed to prove that the city didn't need another froyo joint. The space has laid fallow for a while since it shuttered, but now a new place seems about ready to open there.


A few days ago, workers were putting the final touches to Ivy Lounge & Grill's exterior. And judging by Facebook pictures it posted a few hours ago, the restaurant might open any day now–possibly this weekend. The seats are all in and the decorations are hung.

What is it, exactly? From comments its owner wrote on the page, it's a Persian restaurant, serving lunch and dinner. Hookah will also be offered on the patio and there will reportedly be music, belly dancing and a DJ on the weekends.

14001 Newport Ave Tustin, California

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