IV Drip-Dispensing 'Hangover Bus' Cruises The Vegas Strip, Picking Up The Defeated

Sure, those last three rounds of free shots at the poker table seemed like a good idea at the time, and so did that margarita in a plastic container the size of your thigh. But now it's the next morning, and you're cursing the universe. 
Welcome to Vegas. 
There's water and coffee and greasy breakfast buffets to help you face the daylight (why oh why is it so bright?!) but sometimes, you need the hard stuff. 


All aboard Hangover Heaven, a bus that cruises around Vegas, offering IV drips to the miserable.
Here's how it works

Hangover Heaven treats clients intravenously (IV) with a special hydration solution consisting of vitamins, amino acids, and prescription medications. This safe and medically proven technique dramatically reduces recovery time from hours to minutes and helps the body avoid the harmful side-effects of a hangover.

Medical professionals administer the treatment, which begins at $130. The bus is loaded with two lounges and bunk beds.  If you're that messed up, or just loaded, you can get someone to come to your room for $500. The treatment takes about 30 to 45 minutes for the basic package. After it's all over, you can hop off and get back to drinking and making bad decisions.   

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