iTunes, Wired Love Our 'Best of . . .' App, They Really Do!

You know how we're doing all these Ten Great lists of different local faves (pizza, tacos, etc.) under the “Best of Best of Best of!” category? It's for more than cheap hits–we're slowly trotting out our Best Of . . . app for smart phones and the like, which group together all our choices for Best [insert your yen here] with those of our sister papers, along with a chingo more choices picked by your humble forkers. Easier to navigate than our mobile website, you know?

Really great FREE app — but don't take my word for it. Take that of iTunes and Wired.

iTunes chose the app as one of the five best travel apps this year, while Wired (not Weird, per Homer's mistake, although we'd take its endorsement, too!) said of the app, “What Yelp would be if only the cool kids could post reviews.” In the defense of those crazy Yelp kids, we're not cool (okay, at least not me . . . Edwin is Cab Calloway via Indonesia).

Don't have this FREE marvel yet? Click here to download it, or type “Best of . . .” into your App store search. And thus ends our commercial for ourselves — now, back to more weird stories and taco/pho/bimimbap/fatteh reviews . . . and, to paraphrase Sit-'n-Sleep, this app is FREEEEEEEEEEE!

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