IT'SUGAR Opens at Fashion Island; Offers World's Biggest Box Of Nerds

Do we need a place that sells The World's Largest Box of Nerds, The World's Largest SweeTarts Candy, and The World's Largest Box of Pop Rocks? Probably not, but what in a candy store does anyone really really “need”? I think that's why it's called candy.


The first Orange County outlet of the candy chain called IT'SUGAR just opened in Fashion Island, and like its candy brethren of Powell's and other sugar peddlers, it does not seem to mind that what it sells is calorically irresponsible. In fact, it revels in it. Why else would it tout that it is the exclusive home to the aforementioned “World's Largest Boxes” of candy.

IT'SUGAR can be found at the mall, next to another place you probably don't “need”: The Häagen-Dazs ice cream shop.

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