It’s Time For…Another OC Weekly Cover Song Challenge!

Attention Orange County musicians! Last year, we asked if you were musician enough to agree to cover a song without knowing in advance what it would be or even what artist it’s by. Were you one of the brave rock ‘n’ roll warriors who took on the challenge, or did you just stay home and play Guitar Hero?

Either way, The Great Cover Song Challenge has returned, and now’s the chance to either top yourself or seek redemption! Last year’s subject ended up being Air Supply. Challenges elsewhere have been Phil Collins and Madonna. What’s up this time? There’s only one way to find out!

If you think you have the guts to take on the challenge, then message long-time OC Weekly contributor and part-time Dungeons & Dragons DM Victor D. Infante on Facebook or email him at Vi************@Gm***.com " target="_blank">Vi************@Gm***.com and he’ll give you a song and fill you in on the details: But be warned … He’s promising the largest ratio of “Woo-HOO!!!!” to “D’OH!” of any challenge yet!

There aren’t many rules:The artist/band will be given a song to cover. They will have no say in the matter, and the choice cannot be appealed.

The artist/band will record a cover of the song in any manner they deem fit, with an eye for finding some way to uncover the good in the song. ANYONE can mock a bad song, but finding someway to make an ostensibly bad song awesome? THAT’S a challenge!

The artist/band will upload the cover to someplace with an embeddable player — Soundcloud, YouTube, Bandcamp, et al — by October 19. Victor will write about the pieces afterward for OC Weekly.

This could be your chance to be a Jukebox Hero … Or you could just stay home and watch America’s Got Talent reruns. That works, too. Whatever, it’s up to you!

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