Dec. 28, 2017, is Most Miserable Day of Year Other Than Jan. 20, 2017

You have awoken to the most miserable day of the year.

That is in the opinion of, a mattress review and comparison site that has “painstakingly researched the last 30 years of weather data to find out exactly on which date we can expect the lowest temperatures and least amount of solar energy–that is–the most miserable day of the year; so you can stay in bed and hibernate (or go out and build a snowman, whatever floats your boat).”

That date for us this year is December 28 … today, when “Californians can expect their darkest and coldest day.”

Actually, the Golden State’s coldest day falls on New Year’s Eve (46°F) and darkest day was Christmas Day (2.1kWh) but when averaging both Dec. 28 is the one, according to sleepopolis, which relied on weather data from, which exposes “The Typical Weather Anywhere on Earth.”

Weather stats were taken from the last 30 years to pinpoint on which day each state is forecast to experience the coldest temperature and least amount of solar energy. So not every state is celebrating the most miserable day today, not even in the West. For instance, for Washington state, last Friday (Dec. 22) was the most miserable day.

For East Coast states, it will not arrive until the new year, on Jan. 11.

Of course, the most miserable day ever was early this year.

On Jan. 20.

Inauguration day.

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