It's All Good: Holy Fuck, “Latin America”

Did I just say that all the bands coming out of Canada these days sound the same? I was wrong. Witness the video for the recent single from Toronto-borne electro-jam outfit Holy Fuck, “Latin America” and get a lesson in sound economics. Holy Fuck give credence to the adage that says “when others zig, you gotta zag.”
While many of their great white brethren specialize in grand and sprawling arraignments, Holy Fuck keep it simple with tightly performed groove oriented song craft. This track is off the band's third album “Latin,” released on Young Turks in May, and the video has it all: People being sucked onto diving boards in reverse, massive spinning wind turbines framed by wild flowers, nerds playing frisbee, and best of all, good music.

Holy Fuck, who create lo-fi soundscapes amp up the drum circle vibe without coming off all Kumbaya. And this clip illustrates the point that just because something is pretentious and arty doesn't mean it can't rock. Live footage of the band shows a group of individuals serious about their craft, who genuinely appear to be having fun in the process, what a concept!

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