It's 11/11/11: Happy Pepero Day!

​If you haven't yet decided on a way to celebrate today's weird-looking date, 11/11/11, might we suggest heading to your nearest Korean market for a snack? 
Nov. 11 is Pepero Day in South Korea. For those unfamiliar, Pepero are skinny biscuit sticks dipped in chocolate and sometimes other toppings, similar to Japan's Pocky. When lined in a row, they look like 11/11. Get it?  


On this special day, lovebirds give each other boxes of the sweet-and-crunchy treat as a token of affection.  
Find Pepero at H-Mart in Garden Grove or Irvine's Diamond Jamboree, Zion Market in Irvine, and other Korean or Asian markets. Or make them yourself — my friend Elizabeth did, and they turned out great
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