It Takes a Manifesto to Thwart LAPD Message from Christopher Jordan Dorner's Manifesto

Well here's a conspiracy theory to chew on in the new year: the murder of an Irvine couple was staged to blame LAPD washout Christopher Jordan Dorner, send a secret message to a former LAPD captain and divert attention away from LAPD cops shooting citizens.

The theory also involves a phony manifesto, a plastic driver's license impervious to intense flames and the largest manhunt since 9/11.


It is being foisted by author Robert Singer, and you really must read the whole thing at The People's Voice (“Environmental, political and social justice issues”) to get the full flavor.

Singer questions whether former La Palma resident Dorner was the “violent domestic terrorist” the LAPD made him out to be. The writer also wonders whether Dorner really wrote the “rage-filled 'manifesto' where he vows to 'bring unconventional and asymmetrical warfare to those in LAPD uniform whether on or off duty.'”

Singer points to Dorner being quoted in the LA Times saying, “I don't want to hurt you, I just want to clear my name,” prompting the critic to ask, “Does this sound like something a violent domestic terrorist would say?” He later remarks the “[n]umerous versions of a manifesto” seem “written by someone with a Second Amendment agenda rather than a policeman writing to expose police corruption and trying to clear his name.”

But here is the most explosive allegation to locals: “Note there is absolutely no proof Dorner killed anyone.”

The bodies of Monica Quan and USC campus cop Keith Lawrence, who were engaged to be married, were found around 9:10 p.m. on Feb. 3, 2013, by someone walking through the upper floor (roof level) of the parking garage at 2100 Scholarship, Irvine.

“Here,” Singer writes, “is what the public is expected to believe. In a million dollar neighborhood, in a racist area of the country, a large black man breaks into a secured garage and is allowed by a police officer (who theoretically knows he's hostile) to walk up to the officer's car under a bright light and shoot the officer and his girlfriend (also from a police background) while nobody hears any shots and then departs, going both in and out of the garage in front of a video camera. Of course, the police (who want us to believe this) have failed to release the video footage that would show they were right about it being Chris Dorner who did all this.”

He notes “the largest manhunt since 9/11, involving the FBI, SWAT teams, over 10,000 officers, tightened Border Patrol (including checkpoints in Big Bear), drones, helicopters and aerial search teams with thermal imaging technology, finally barbecued their man in a cabin in Big Bear.” But then Singer wonders, “How do we know it was Dorner?”

Next to a photo of the cabin burned to the ground in Big Bear, Singer asks “Is it possible?” that Dorner's plastic California driver's license, which was said to be found near a burned corpse in the basement area, survived the blaze. Singer also reminds that Dorner's wallet and photo identification had been reported found days earlier by a shuttle bus driver in the San Diego area.

The over-arching point is how strange it is the LAPD, which is composed of former Navy Seals, Green Berets, Marines, Special Forces and SWAT teams, would be so spooked by Dorner when its officers routinely go up against Crips, Bloods, Mexican Mafia, Armenian Mob, Aryan Brotherhood, Skinheads, Hells Angels, Russian Mob and Mexican drug cartels.

Singer believes the hunt for Dorner points to a larger secret he shared with Randall Quan, Monica's father and the former LAPD captain who represented Dorner in disciplinary hearings.

“During that time, Dorner confided in Quan something the LAPD has been keeping secret for years,” Singer writes. “Dorner, involved in trying to clear his name, may have threatened to disclose the LAPD secret. Silencing Dorner was simple, 'he never had the opportunity to have a family,' but Quan, we can assume realized the danger he posed to the LAPD and stored away one of those 'open if something happens to me letters.' How do you keep Quan quiet? You kill one of his four children and blame it on Dorner in a rambling manifesto.”

A second theory finds police “under pressure to explain the rise in police shootings of unarmed individuals.”

Come to think of it, more of those did happen to folks mistaken for Dorner. Like I said up top, the whole thing is a fascinating read. While I don't know that I buy it, a movie based on Singer's threat would be amazing. I see Brad Pitt in the Dorner role …

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