Ismael Calixto Ortiz, Wanted in '05 Santa Ana Rape, Apprehended After Hopping Border

In a brushy area of Imperial Beach in San Diego County early Monday, a Border Patrol agent confronted two Mexican nationals who illegally entered the United States. The agent managed to detain one man but the second resisted. Just as a second agent arrived, the combative man tried to yank the first officer's handgun out of his holster. Eventually, he was handcuffed.

Back at the Border Patrol station, the agents discovered why the man had put up such a fight: He's a wanted fugitive suspected of a 2005 rape in Santa Ana.

The San Diego Union-Tribune has the scoop.

Ismael Calixto Ortiz, 30, was booked into San Diego County Jail in lieu of his original bail amount set in Santa Ana: $1 million.

He'll face the agent assault charges in San Diego before being sent back to Orange County to answer to the counts against him here.

Santa Ana police say Ortiz is suspected of raping a woman in her residence on Jan. 9, 2005, and threatening to kill her children if she told anyone.

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