Is The Lime Truck Competing in The Great Food Truck Race?

UPDATE: Astute readers and friends (Niyaz, Dan, and thatguy) have chimed in with more news.  Apparently, it's not just The Lime Truck that may be representing OC. Saturday Night Foodies was in Vegas last weekend and has photos that show not only The Lime Truck, but also Stephanie Morgan's Seabirds, being filmed for the show.

So is The Lime Truck going to represent Orange County in the second season of Food Network's The Great Food Truck Race?  All evidence points to yes. 

The first inkling of a clue came in a post published yesterday over at Bite by Bite, the food blog of The Salt Lake City Tribune
On it, writer Kathy Stephenson revealed that Jason Quinn,
co-owner and chef at The Lime Truck, asked her to get suggestions on
where to park when they're in town.  She, in turn, polled her readers
for their input, adding that The Lime Truck guys wouldn't be able to
respond personally to any Tweets about it since it's against contest

When I e-mailed Jason Quinn to confirm whether they were indeed
competing, he was coy, saying only “We can't really answer that
;)”…which reveals nothing and everything!

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