Is the American Third Position Party Just Another William D. Johnson Pyramid Scheme?

We spent quite a bit of digital ink last week on Long Beach State psychology professor Kevin MacDonald and his involvement in the white-power American Third Position Party, and not enough on the party's head: Los Angeles lawyer William D. Johnson. In many ways, he's the bigger bigot than MacDonald. After all, he was the one who, during the 1980s, used a pseudonym to promote the Pace Amendment, a proposed changed to the Constitution which sought to deport all non-whites and Jews from the United States, a wacky idea that the American TP has kept as its immigration platform (only difference? While the Pace Amendment wanted to trade African-Americans for white South Africans, the American TP's current stance is that blacks can stay). It was Johnson who tried peddling his Pace Amendment to various white-power organizations, including the National Alliance and the Aryan Nations. (a 1986 report noted that Johnson and other delegates to that year's World Aryan Congress “opened the meeting by giving the traditional Nazi salute as the Aryan Nations' flag — a swastika slashed by a sword — was raised”). It's Johnson who has included in his YouTube messages versions of the 14 Words, the cutesy slogan neo-Nazis use as a rallying cry.

And it's Johnson who has previously tried to bilk good Whites out of their ZOG-issued cash with a pyramid scheme disguised as advocacy for the White race.

A May 1987 report on the Pace Amendment by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) revealed how Johnson promoted his race-baiting as a “pyramid scheme.” By joining the Pace League (set up to promote the Pace Amendment) for $10 a month, interested Whites could become a “Contributing Advocate”; buy the book which described the amendment in detail for $10 and introduce five other skins to the Pace League, and those volks could call themselves “Introducing Advocates.”

But, wait: there was more! “Managing Advocates” would receive “12 percent of all proceeds of book sales by their underling Advocates,” according to the ADL report, and they had to “also coordinate efforts to lobby for the Pace Amendment with state legislators.” And even higher up was “Distributing Advocates,” who got a slice of the pie of the sales made by all those below them. The ADL also noted that a guide outlining the structure of the Pace League promised that its multi-layered hierarchy was “profitable” and claimed the reason for the emphasis on “monetary incentives” was that “Love of nation alone has not yet motivated sufficient numbers with sufficient zeal to avert the decline of our nation.”

Fast-forward to Johnson's American TP. As the Weekly revealed, the inaugural party newsletter states people interested in starting a chapter had to pay $200 a month and had to buy any party material from headquarters–no photocopying, or you're out of the party. But mere membership in the party is more affordable–$40 per year, which gets you a free T-shirt, discounted rates on party propaganda, a monthly newsletter, texts from party headquarters and an “exclusive member's coin” that also acts as the ticket for American TP parties!

Tell me, Billy: if your cause is so righteous, why on Earth do you have to entice Whites to join with a friggin' coin???

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