Is Spigas Bakery the Best Panadería in OC? If So, How Do They Make Such Great Bagels?

“I don’t really care for bagels,” I told my friend, and she shot me the nastiest look. “They’re just too dry. But my mind was basically changed after eating one at a Mexican bakery in Orange.”

“Wait, what?” she replied.

“Yeah, at Spigas Bakery. I thought it was just another panadería, but my wife wanted to stop by to see if she’ll carry the pan dulce at her store, Alta Baja Market. A friend told us that Spigas had the best pan dulce she’s ever tasted—like, ever.”

“Better than at Las 3 Princesas in SanTana?”

“That’s what I said! So we went and tried some. They were all awesome—she was basically right. The conchas weren’t dry one bit and had good sugar balls inside. The empanadas were Mexi-style, sweet and good, but there was even a pastel de guava, Cuban-style. And this frosted cookie called besos that should be the next Milky Bun. But then I noticed that it had a small menu, so Delilah and I decided to eat there on the spot.”

“What did you guys get?”

“I had to go with the memelitas, which are like Oaxacan sopes. So good! Thick masa, with a layer of pinto beans, queso fresco, salty crema and a green salsa—that’s it. I could’ve eaten six, but I had to go eat breakfast later on.”

“What did Delilah get?”

“That’s where the bagels come in. So she got a bagel sandwich of chorizo, which I’m like, ‘That’s pretty ballsy.’ She got full fast, so I had to finish it.”

“How was it?”

“Best bagel I’ve ever had in OC. Soft, with just the tiniest snap. Made at Spigas. These are bagels I can eat for days. Oh, and I was drinking everything with a shake of mamey, my favorite licuado of them all. But I also drank an orange juice, which was fresh AF.”

“So, will you buy me a breakfast bagel at Spigas, then?”

“Only if you get me chilaquiles.”

So we went, ate well and debated about Hillary for hours on end.

Spigas Bakery, 1643 W. Chapman Ave., Orange, (714) 937-2972;

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