Is Roy Choi Leaving Cooking and Becoming a Vegetarian?

“I stopped eating meat this week,” chef Roy Choi wrote in his latest blog post. “That's why I'm thinking about leaving cooking.”
Wait, what?  
The words have left the SoCal food scene shocked–and confused. 
All we know is that Choi, the king of Korean tacos and a gazillion other fusion wonders, has been going through some “deep shit.” He writes that he “can't find meaning anymore.”


“I traveled the path. Culinary school. NYC restaurants. Professional career. Flavor innovator. But what does it all mean?” he asks. 
Apparently, animals have been talking to him and have been saying, “Stop, Roy.” So he stopped eating meat. He'll taste it, as that is part of his job, at least for now.
Choi ends his intense reflections by saying he wants to meet up with Jamie Oliver. “We can sit on the curb and join forces,” he writes.
We just hope Choi figures it all out soon, for his well-being and for our stomachs. 

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