Is McDonald's Bringing Back Its Fried Apple Pies?

A little history lesson for those of you who've only been eating fast food post-1992. McDonald's didn't always serve doughy-little boring baked apple pies. No, originally the pies were fried and, by all accounts, were vastly superior. The crust cracked, the innards oozed, and it just tasted.. better (it was probably all of that fat).

Alas, with 1992, the baked apple pie came to most American McDonald's, pushing out their fattier older brother (you could still get fried pies at the oldest McDonald's in Downey, some far-flung US franchises, and some McDonald's in Asia). Until now.


I was at my local McDonald's last week, losing faith in the American social safety net, when a sign next to a register caught my eye. You can see it below.

Excited, I ordered one, and when I got home, well, what do ya know, it was the fried pie of old in all of its glory, packed into the standard apple pie sleeve. It tasted just as good as I remembered — gooey and crispy with a bubbled crust. Could this be a test run leading into a larger roll out? Or maybe they just had some supply issues and had to divert some apple pies from Downey to Long Beach.

Whatever it may be, I found this apple pie at the McDonald's in Long Beach at 640 Long Beach Blvd. And I don't think many people would miss the baked pies if they were to disappear..

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