Is Martin Millard Running for Costa Mesa City Council?

To the lower right of this post, you'll see a couple of Orange County blogs. It's just a smattering–indeed, we host more than our share of idiots. And few are worse than infamous Costa Mesa racialist Martin Millard.

We can never tell exactly what Millard rambles about, mostly because he fancies himself a novelist and thus resorts to cheap literary tricks. Take today, when a “U. Know Who” shares “his positions for his non-campaign in which he is not running for city council.” U. Know who is none other than Millard himself, and rumors are flying of Millard joining his buddies Allan Mansoor, Eric Bever and Wendy Leece on the Costa Mesa City Council.

Hey, Marty: stick to describing the different varieties of women's pubic hair and the Jew jokes.

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