Is Lil Mama's 'Sausage' Already the Song of the Summer?

The times have certainly changed in more ways than one and when we look to new music videos, long gone are the days of turning on MTV for the freshest and hottest. Rapper Lil Mama knows what's up so when it came time to premiere her new video “Sausage,” she went to WorldStarHipHop. Unfortunately (and fortunately) there are no knockout punches in the video but is the song itself a knockout? Well…


While #Sausage trended all day and night, the internet definitely had mixed reactions to the video because at first glance, well, it's fucking strange. There is so much going on in it with the dancing, wardrobe changing, artist comparisons, and utter laughability of the topic but after watching it a few times, we realized that maybe it's so bad that it's good. Or it's so good it's bad. Truthfully, we're on the fence about WTF we watched.

Some people are saying she ripped off all of the “classy” sausage Vine videos but the fact is, Lil Mama made a whole song rather than a six second Vine video. Suck on that sausage haters. Lyrically, it's also strange because while it's obvious that she's referring to dick when saying, “You better use a condom if you're taking it, sausage” the line before says, “Eggs, bacon, grits, sausage!” She then also raps about not eating pork but eating turkey bacon so really, what in the entire nation of meat by-products is Lil Mama talking about? So confusing.

Our two cents? The beat on this track is catchier than the corny song and there is soooo much happening in this video that we were questioning our own sobriety while watching it. With that said, god damn Lil Mama kills it with her dance moves! You just have to give it up to her on that because she really gets down! And since we're being truthful here, it isn't much worse than any other song on the radio these days. Will all of this hype surrounding “Sausage” give Lil Mama another long-awaited hit and thrust her back on the map? Could “Sausage” be the summer jam everyone will be bumping in their cars and at house parties? Will there now be a whole “sausage movement?” We'll leave that up to you.

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