Is Jerry Brown Nominating the Orange Diocese's Keeper of Pedo-Priest Secrets as a OC Judge?

The buzz going around the Diocese of Orange is that California governor Jerry Brown is considering general counsel Maria Rullo Schinderle as a judge. And if ever you needed a laugh, it's in that possibility.

Schinderle has worked for the Orange diocese since 1998, basically at the beginning of the regime of former Bishop Tod D. Brown. She was his point person on how to confront legally pedophilia among his priests, and what to do with all those pesky survivors who wanted justice–and we all saw how good THAT went for county Catholics.


Schinderle is about as qualified to be a judge as I'd be qualified to be John Holmes' stunt double, and Schinderle's foes are righteously up in arms about it. Famed sex-abuse survivor's advocate Joelle Casteix has a lengthy post on the subject enumerating the many reasons why Brown should throw Schinderle's resume in his compost bin, which y'all should read over here. Meanwhile, here's what famed attorney John Manly posted on his Facebook page:

Governor Jerry Brown is trying to appoint Maria Rullo Schinderle, the General Counsel/Human Resorces Director of the Diocese of Orange (1998-2014) as a Superior Court Judge in Orange County. Her name has been submitted to JNE Commission as a nominee by him for consideration. Ms. Schinderle was one of only 2 or 3 individuals in the Diocese of Orange who had access to what the Church called its “secret archives”. These files documented the victimization of countless children by priests and worse that many of these pedophile priests were allowed to remain in ministry through 2002 until our clients forced them out through lawsuits. She was actively involved in efforts to dismiss or minimize our clients claims and I have numerous troubling stories about her views on child protection. This is a stunning development and I urge all my friends to call the Governors office and protest this appointment. The number is 916 445 2841. Tell the Governor and his staff that an attorney involved in this type of activity has no business being a judge.

So do what John and Joelle say, and CALL CALL CALL!

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