Is Incoming Diocese of Orange Bishop Currently Slumming it in Coto de Caza as His Million-Dollar Pad Gets Spruced Up?

When Kevin W. Vann was introduced earlier this year as the new bishop of the Diocese of Orange, replacing the much-loathed Tod D. Brown, the bishop tried to immediately show he was down with the people (and especially with raza) by showing off his cowboy boots stitched with an image of the Virgin of Guadalupe. It was a smart move, especially given Brownie had long shielded himself in the lap of luxury by having his choice of million-dollar homes in which to live, complete with a private chef.

Unfortunately, it looks like Vann seeks to follow the bumbling, out-of-touch ways of his predecessor. Sources tell the Weekly that not only will Vann stay at one of the million-dollar houses as his residence, but that he's currently living in Coto de Caza until the renovations are done.

Vann is staying at the estate of a mega-rich crazy Catholic whose name we won't reveal to spare him the wrath of the Lord because he's a Romney supporter. He'll stay there through the end of the month, and then he moves into the new digs. Let's hope Vann gets a last-minute pang of consciousness and decides to move into the Holy Family Cathedral rectory, just like former bishop Norman MacFarland did. Heckuva job, Brownie!

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