Is Europe's Deadly E. Coli Outbreak Part of a Globalist Conspiracy to Depopulate the World?

If you're like me, you go to sleep every night tuned into KFI-AM 640 and listening to the fantastical program Coast to Coast AM, usually hosted by George Noory, a man who never heard a conspiracy he didn't at least consider to be true. Yesterday, he devoted the first half of the show to the horrible E. coli outbreak currently afflicting Europe, one where a new strain never before seen is confounding scientists and sickening thousands.

But Noory's guest, one Len Horowitz, has already made up his mind: the globalists are behind the outbreak.

“The kidney complications and hemorrhagic nature of this new strain of
E. coli is suspicious–it looks like a lab-created mutation, similar
to how Ebola works,” the Coast to Coast summary of the show states (you'll haveĀ to click on this link to listen to the program). “This seems to smack of the globalists'
depopulation agenda, [Horowitz] continued, adding that previous military
experiments have used E. coli spraying as a weapon.
He suspects that rogue agents intentionally sprayed vegetables with the E. coli strain.”

While it's easy to dismiss such theories as the rantings of lunatics, modern-day agribusiness has been known to unleash most E. coli outbreaks, whether from shoddy farming methods, horrendous treatment of animals, or companies rushing through production and not giving crops a proper washing. Is the Illuminati or Trilateral Commission (maybe the Rosicrucians?) trying to poison people? Governments? Stranger things have happened …

The one impeccable piece of advice Horowitz gave, one that we can all agree with? Grow your own vegetables–but then Horowitz even cast doubt on that legit advice by complaining “that the conspiracy movement has been infiltrated by Satanists.”

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