Is Calvary Chapel's Tustin Branch a Secret Mosque?

Remember that Drudge-created controversy a couple of months ago where some government agency or other unveiled their new logo, and lunatics said that its similarity to the crescent-and-moon symbol of the Middle East was further proof that President Barack Obama was a Manchurian Muslim?

Remember the iconic symbol of Calvary Chapel? It's at the top of this post, a brilliantly simple rendition of a dove that also recalls a flame, symbolizing the Holy Spirit. Now, click on the jump to see the logo of Calvary Chapel Tustin.

Egads! The two stylized c's representing Calvary Chapel look like crescents; the fancy T stands for Tustin, looks like a cross, but also suspiciously mimics the five-pointed star associated with Islam along with the crescent. Not only that, but the elongated T almost looks like a minaret!

Where is the outrage from Tea Baggers about the secret mosque in our midst?

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