Is Balut Appropriate for a First Date?

I admit: I watch Millionaire Matchmaker, that Bravo show that details the travails of a woman trying to set up male and female millionaires with potential mates. What can I say? The chica rules the television, but it's also a fascinating show.

Anyhoo, last night's episode featured a creepy-looking guy who asked bizarre questions and had shifty eyes straight out of a Mack Sennett reel. It seemed he finally came to his senses when he met a chick, although she turned out to be a priss. She had a problem with the two of them strolling through a market at New York's Grand Central Station for their date, but the woman had a freak-out when the guy took her out to dinner. The opening course: a shooter of uni, and balut, the duck embroyo enjoyed by Filipinos, gourmands, and retched at by almost everyone else.


Look at the video above. I probably wouldn't take out a girl to eat balut as a first date, but I'd also wouldn't want to go out with a girl who had such a huge problem with the idea of balut (my chica is vegetarian, but only finds fault with balut the same way she finds fault with veal or lamb–but, more importantly, doesn't browbeat anyone who eats it). You can tell by the video that the guy is an idiot, but I also understand why he did the balut test–he's looking for a specific type of gal, and the woman should've been a bit more diplomatic in her disgust.

It's rare we post questions to readers at SaFII, but this is a community of people who'll defend balut's honor–and how often can you write that line? So, gentle readers: what do YOU think?

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