Irwindale City Council Unanimously Declares Sriracha Fumes a Public Nuisance

Just when you thought you were safe from Huy Fong Sriracha shortages for a little while, the city of Irwindale just has to show up and ruin the party.

The Irwindale City Council voted 4-0 last night to to declare the spicy scent that leeches from the Huy Fond factory during production time an official “public nuisance,” nevermind that a judge had already granted the city a preliminary injunction back in November and that the company is already working to reduce the spicy, spicy aroma.

Irwindale just wanted Huy Fong to be on double secret probation.

“The City Council is determined to assert its authority regardless of the status of the odor remediation efforts,” Huy Fond Attorney John Tate told the LA Times.

So what's next for Huy Fong?


Well, during the next City Council meeting, Irwindale will adopt an official resolution and Huy Fong will have 90 days to fix the problem. Good news for the company, they're already working on a solution that would've been ready by June 1 with or without this resolution. The South Coast Air Management District (the guys who wanted to get rid of all of the fire pits in Orange County) thinks the problem can be solved with the addition of a few activated carbon filters — basically glorified Britas.

And if Huy Fong fails for some reason to fix the problem? The city would go into the factory and fix the fumes themselves, while forcing Huy Fong to pay for repairs — not quite the hot sauce apocalypse we all feared, especially since chili crushing season doesn't begin until late in the Fall.

But hey, Sriracha keeps well, so would it be a bad idea to buy a bunch right now to flip just in case of a price spike (as long as you can keep yourself from using your entire stash before then?) Hmmm…

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