Irvine Ranked Best Orange County City to Find a New Job and Be Active

With the notion of getting a better job among the more popular New Year’s resolutions, a personal finance website decided to crunch the numbers to discover the best and worst cities to find work—and our own Irvine finished in the Top 10. On the best side, I mean.

WalletHub analysts compared 150 of the country’s most populated cities based on 17 key metrics—from job opportunities to employment growth to monthly median starting salary—and found that Irvine finishes at No. 7. The city finds itself in the same place when it comes to the individual metric measuring “job market rank.”

Irvine finishing in the top 10 is impressive enough, but by default that also makes it the best city in Orange County to find a job—and it clearly outdistances the competition. Here is how other OC cities fare: 

81. Huntington Beach
92. Santa Ana
111. Garden Grove
121. Anaheim

Poor ol’ Long Beach almost cracked the bottom 10, finishing at No. 138.

Plano, Texas, is the best city to find a job among those ranked, and Stockton is the worst.

Click here for WalletHub’s full list of 2016 Best & Worst Cities to Find a Job.

Making the top 10 on the jobs list is not the only reason Irviners can boast. The city fell just out of the top 10 at No. 11 on another WalletHub survey:

Best Cities for an Active Lifestyle.

In the individual metric for budget and participation, Irvine ranks No. 5 in America.

Long Beach cracks the top 50 at No. 35, while the only OC cities other than Irvine on the list are Anaheim (61) and Santa Ana (62).

Scottsdale, Arizona, is the most active among 100 cities, while the worst for such a lifestyle is Laredo, Texas, according to the WalletHubbers.

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