Irvine is Lone City Left in Camp Ranger's Suit Seeking Cut of Chris Dorner Reward Money

Irvine is the last city government on the hook for a lawsuit filed by a camp ranger against several agencies he claimed illegally barred him from collecting reward money after he was carjacked by Christopher Dorner.

That's because a judge on Monday dropped the cities of Los Angeles and Riverside from the suit. But a hearing scheduled for March 10 could find Irvine dismissed from the complaint as well.


Christopher Dorner Reward Seeker Told to Make Better Case That Irvine Owes Him $100k

Plaintiff Richard Heltebrake claims he deserves a cut of the reward money because his 9-1-1 call helped alert authorities as to Dorner's whereabouts in the San Bernardino Mountains. Others, including lawyers for the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office, have stated that state Department of Fish and Wildlife officers reported spotting the former La Palma resident and LAPD washout before Heltebrake made that call.

Riverside and Los Angeles counties were dismissed before Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Elizabeth Allen White got around to dropping Los Angeles and Riverside cities on Monday. She also awarded $15,050 in attorneys' fees to the city of Los Angeles.

Three retired judges appointed to make to make a final determination of who deserved the reward money announced in May that four people would receive shares. Heltebrake was not one of them. A couple bound and gagged by Dorner in their Big Bear cabin were to receive 80 percent of the money, a ski resort employee who spotted Dorner's burning truck was awarded 15 percent and a tow truck driver got 5 percent.

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