Irvine Holds Its Own Restaurant Week?

Fullerton did it.  And I'm sure there have been or will be other cities to jump on the discount bandwagon started by OC Restaurant Week.  But et tu, Irvine?

Again, I'm not complaining.  Any excuse for discounts is good news.  But you have to wonder if, with every newfangled restaurant week, the overall impact gets lost.  OC Restaurant Week itself seems to do more than just a week a year, with variations they've dubbed “Happy Hour Week” and “Kids' Restaurant Week”.  Their real “Restaurant Week” is slated to occur again next year, February 27th to March 6th.


That's a month after Irvine is to set do theirs from January 14th to 20th.

Irvine Restaurant Week's participants are, so far, scant and don't include at least a few I'd love to get discounts.  Here is what it looks like as of this writing:

  • 6ix Park Grill
  • Andrei's Conscious Cuisine N Cocktails
  • Waterfalls Restaurant at the Atrium Hotel
  • Elements 102
  • Kimera
  • Meritage
  • Zov's
  • The Melting Pot
  • Il Fornaio

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