Irvine Company Janitors Prepare to Strike–Good Luck With That

A couple of days ago, members of the Service Employees International Union (SEUI) Local 1877 who clean offices at Fashion Island and the Irvine Spectrum Center voted overwhelmingly to strike against the two facilities' owner, the mighty Irvine Company. The Orange County Labor Federation is on board with the strike, as is Zeke Hernandez, director of the main Orange County chapter of the League of United Latin American Citizens. On Sunday, Hernandez wrote a letter to Irvine Company overlord Donald Bren asking OC's Howard Hughes “to step forward and support janitors by assuring a vibrant future for their families. I call upon you, as a recognized leader in Orange County, to do the right thing and support these janitors and their families. I urge you to show leadership and do what you can to provide janitors a contract that can be cited as an example of your respect for these same workers that help to make The Irvine Company’s star shine brightly in Orange County.”

Excuse us a moment–HAHAHAHAHA. We respect Zeke and fully support the strikers in their battle against Bren, but they stand little chance. SEIU: OC doesn't take kindly to strikers–or have you forgotten the 1936 Citrus War? More importantly, don't bother with Bren. He only speaks when positive coverage is guaranteed. Indeed, any negotiations with Bren will probably go a little bit like the comic after the jump, taken from the latest issue of Simpsons Classics (read the rest of it by buying a copy at Rags in SanTana)


I know the comic seems incomplete, so click on the image for the full (but reduced, and therefore readable) page!

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