Introducing 'Where Da Cash At?' By 3vajayjay

Looking for this week's “Friday”? You're in luck. Even though it's only Tuesday, we found you the new Rebecca Black. Introducing 3Vajayjay, also known as the makers of the new “It's So Cold In the D.” The song could be about prostitution . . . or about where to buy 3XL lingerie . . . or Pokemon. 

The best part of the video? Comments. Check out our top five picks after you watch the video.


1. “Fuck this, I will go watch Rebecca.”

2. “But is it still cold in the D?”
3. “The video wasn't all bad. There was Cream of Wheat.”
4. “She went to the bank and got a 50-dollar bill changed into ones to epically throw on the table. For that, I'll give it a thumbs-up.”

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