Introducing Our Newest Blogger: Niyaz Pirani!

We at the Weekly have always prided ourselves on getting the best damn food writers in Orange County to write for SaFII, to pound our competition into the ground. That said, we can respect the opposition, and few bloggers drew as much love from us as Niyaz Pirani, who used to write for Food Frenzy over at the Orange County Register until he left that rag. He now works for the Orange County Employees Association, and also pens the eminently readable Fat Dude on a Diet.

And, now, he's going to write for us.

How badly did Niyaz want to join our crew? He's going to blog for only tacos from Alebrije's–INSANE. No union benefits for you haha…but, in reality, we're thrilled to get Niyaz on our squad. He'll mostly pop in for local food, but I want him to also get into the sphere of bizarre food stories that we love so.

Welcome to the asylum, Niyaz! Now: where's my damn article???

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