Interview With A Budtender: Tony Long

OC Weekly’s annual “Best Of” issue hit newsstands last week. We sat down with Tony long, who works at Blüm,  our winner for the “Best Budtenders” category to talk about cannabis, patient care, and what he would do with a billion dollars.

Tony’s got the goods!

PotPlus: How long have you been a budtender?

Tony: It’s been two years this month!

PotPlus: What makes blüm standout among all the dispensaries in Orange County?

Tony: We pride ourselves in customer service and product knowledge. It’s a nice, clean, fun and professional environment at Blüm. When you come in you’re immediately greeted by everyone and we provide a more personal approach when helping people. We take our time with the people who have a lot of questions and never make anyone feel rushed or like they’ve asked a “dumb” question. A lot of the regulars are like fam when they come in. What was once a handshake is now a hug. Our selection of top quality competitively priced products throughout the shop are really good too. We constantly hear from people that have tried multiple shops tell us the experience we provide is what sets us apart from the rest and that is also what keeps them coming back.

PotPlus: What’s your favorite product blüm carries?

Tony: There are so many favorites I don’t know where to begin haha. This ones a toss up between SCVA “kosher kush” and Guild extracts “Delta 8”

PotPlus: Are there any upcoming events you think we should know about?

Tony: We host “budtender fight club” this Sunday which is a collective of brands and people in the cannabis industry speaking about the industry. It’s a great place to get information on cannabis, including information ranging from getting into the industry to the different types of cannabis products. Starting Friday we will have 20% off edibles through Halloween.

PotPlus: lastly, what would you do if you won that billion dollar lottery everyone’s talking about?

Tony: Invest in Terra Tech duh! Haha and take a long vacation so I can travel.

You can meet Tony and the rest of Blüm’s award winning staff at their location off the 55 freeway in Santa Ana. If you still find yourself needing more “Tony time” you can find him every Tuesday at Mesa Lounge where he spins records for drunk people. Stop in and buy this guy a drink, he deserves it!


2911 Tech Center Dr

Santa Ana, Ca

(949) 238-4203

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