Interview: Forest of Tongue

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 This week, Elise Ewoldt of Fort Wife asks Forest of Tongue this question: Would you
rather play in a band with a nice person who sucks at playing, or douche
who can shred?

Forest of Tongue is made up of Joel Jasper and Zach Mabry, and are also (like Fort Wife) from Long Beach.

Forest of Tongue – Dreary Dreaming from evan Trine on Vimeo.

OC Weekly: How did you guys get together?
Joel Jasper: Zach and I started playing while we were both in other bands and
basically those bands started falling apart or weren't exactly the right
fit. We then sort of decided it would be a lot easier to make a band
with just the two of us. I think mainly because I hate having to talk
about notes and chords with someone else when it comes to songwriting.
Zach was a kick-ass drummer and it just worked out really nicely
blending ideas and only calling one person for practice.

would you describe your sound?
I don't really like trying to tell
someone else what I think I sound like, because they would know better
than I would. But I can tell you what kind of words I am attempting to
harness in front of anyone's description of our music and those would be
something like: magical, interesting, radical, kick-ass, the best thing
that's ever entered my eardrum. That sort of stuff.

Who are
your favorite local bands?
My favorite local bands that are doing
stuff right now would have to be Lightmusic, 60 Watt Kid, Tijuana
Panthers. Those are my favorite Long Beach bands right now but there's
so many others doing radical stuff from LA down to San Diego even. I'm
super excited for the summer to see what kind of events are going to
form and what great tunes will be able to be heard.

So yeah, back to Elise's question: Would you
rather play in a band with a nice person who sucks at playing, or douche
who can shred?

Well, since that puts me in a pickle and I know it
would just be disappointing if i didn't answer, I'm gonna have to go
with the nice person that sucks because then they could just play
something simple I guess. I'd done both though and they both suck. In
reality neither of them work out.

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