Interstate 710’s Seed-Sourced Vaping Meets Solventless Extraction

Courtesy of Interstate 710

Cultivating at their own fully organic site in northern California allows Interstate 710 to cut out the middleman and ensure that their patient customers are getting the finest homegrown concentrates available. According to a volunteer representing the company, 710 doesn’t use CO2, butane or any other chemicals to extract the oils from the plant but rather a natural process called solventless food grade extraction. This method rids unwanted extracts from the plant, thus creating a pure concentrate with higher potency, better flavor, and consistency.

Because Interstate 710 focuses more on the medical uses of cannabis, they take it upon themselves to test all of their oils for chemicals, pesticides and potency levels in SC Labs, an independent laboratory. They refuse to utilize anything with less than 85 percent THC and have had test results as high as 93 percent. Providing the cleanest product they can to help people the best way possible is of the utmost importance to the company and the people who stand behind it.

Operating out of Orange County since 2014, they offer a stainless steel vape pen with high quality ceramic oil cartridges available in 14 different varieties and strains of THC with a CBD line in plan for the future. Within the last two months a new product was added to the line called live resin. At this time they have it in three varieties and it’s considered to be their specialty product. It’s more for the cannaseur because it’s stronger and tastes better than their original, but the process requires more materials and manpower while producing less yield, making it more expensive. Though only producing one product varies ways, Interstate 710 believes they have no competition and, “the most exclusive stuff you can find on the market.”

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