Internet Cat Video Film Festival

The hierarchy of web content, starting from the bottom, is as follows: long-form journalism, soft news, conspiracy websites, porn, then a bunch of silly animals such as the honey badger and hand-holding otters. But topping the information super pyramid (now and forever) are cat videos. We can’t say why feline shenanigans are so damn watchable—there’s just something about the ninja cat, or a tubby kitty leaping face-first into a cardboard box. Thanks to the Federal Bar, you now have the opportunity to tear yourself away from the solitude of your keyboard and share in the glory of cat hijinks with your fellow ailurophiles. Organizers have put together more than 70 minutes of curated internet cat videos—from six-second Vine clips to short films—which will be shown at the Long Beach watering hole. Though the LBC is well known for its allegiance to the dog pack, now, for one night only, you can run with the litter.

Fri., Jan. 24, 9 p.m., 2014

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