Sobering Documentary Inside This Peace Streams on Agent Orange Day (Aug. 10)

Thoa Nguyen, the subject of “Inside This Peace” (9669 Films)

UPDATE: Linh Nga says 9669 Films updated information on the film’s release at the following:

“We’re still working with Amazon’s technicians to solve the issues with publishing the project on the site,” Nga adds. “I will keep you posted.”

ORIGINAL POST: Inside This Peace, a documentary short on a young Vietnamese woman’s struggles with birth defects she blames on her father’s exposure to Agent Orange, is being released Saturday, which is appropriate as Aug. 10 has been designated Agent Orange Day.


The aim is to draw awareness to the herbicide the U.S. government first sprayed across Vietnam on Aug. 10, 1961. The goal of the operation, which also covered parts of Cambodia and Laos, was to kill trees and crops that provided forest cover and food sources to Viet Cong soldiers during the Vietnam War. An unintended consequence was the chemical has since been linked to rashes, cancer, birth defects and severe psychological and neurological problems not only among 4 million Vietnamese, but also U.S. servicemen and the offspring of both.

Thoa Nguyen, the main subject of Inside This Peace and a friend since childhood with Orange County filmmaker Lina Linh Nga, was born in 1985 with lumps, black patches and prickly hairs all over her. She attributes her condition to her father’s exposure to Agent Orange in Cambodia long after U.S. troops left the region.


Nga’s documentary is being released Saturday on DVD and streaming services such as Amazon. You can also see the full film on websites associated with Inside This Peace that had previously only shared its trailer, including:

Inside This Peace movie
Facebook/Inside This Peace

Nga says proceeds from platforms that charge to see the film will be donated to Vietnam Agent Orange Relief & Responsibility Campaign (Hội Nạn nhân chất độc da cam/dioxin Việt Nam, VAVA).

Meanwhile, Inside This Peace was nominated for Best Feature Documentary at the Action On Film International Film Festival (AOF 2019) on July 24 and was named Best Feature Documentary at the California Women’s Film Festival in January and an Award of Merit recipient at the Impact DOCs Awards in July.

5 Replies to “Sobering Documentary Inside This Peace Streams on Agent Orange Day (Aug. 10)”

  1. I need help for my daughter. Her father was 100% disabled from Agent Orange. He passed that gene onto her a d she consequently was diagnosed with High Grade Spindle Cell Sarcoma. That cancer is directly related to Agent Orange.

  2. This film should be on Netflix. Agent Orange is painful.There are many conditions caused by Agent Orange that are still withheld and will probably NEVER BE EXPOSED, especially dealing with Veterans offspring for generations to come.The DNA is altered from damage, but that is still in the cover up stage.

  3. Being a Viet Nam veteran 1967/1968. I am angry at our government for how this has been handled. They knew from the start that this stuff was harmfull to us but none of us knew the damage it could do! The fact that they knew and know now that many other illnesses are associated with exposure! But will not admite it or take responsibility for it. I have delt with the consequences of the exposure, and now I just wait for the next thing to happen and hope it is covered. My heart goes out to the Vietnamese People who suffer with this scourge!

  4. Components of Agent Orange are in the weed killer Round up. This was.on the radio in Pennsylvania in 1986. The legislature there tried to have it banned.

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