Indie-folk foursome Infantree came from beyond the Valley—the San Fernando Valley, not the Valley of the Dolls, though they do share a certain ambitious sensibility with that ’60s film’s leading band the Carrie Nations, and they have, in fact, recently signed to Neil Young’s Vapor Records, which establishes them as heirs to a generation as experimental as it was egalitarian. To that end, Infantree let every member write and sing, and they also spend plenty of time exploring the edges of genres, making for a record that honors such un-pin-downable musicians as Tom Waits, Os Mutantes and Buffalo Springfield, whose soft and hard sides both serve as inspiration. Infantree’s free (with RSVP) set at Fingerprints will likely be a proud “I was there!” moment for fans to look back on when the band are headlining the big clubs.

Sun., May 22, 2 p.m., 2011

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