Indie Comic Book Podcast Records Live Episode at Comic Book Hideout This Saturday

Avid listeners of the Chaos After Dark podcast get an earful of talk about comic books, movies, pop culture, and everything in between, but this Saturday fans can be a part of the conversation in person as the show will record an epidsode live at Comic Book Hideout in Fullerton. Hosts Matt The Rat, Nando Calrissian and Billy the Kid will be joined by special guests and offer a big raffle prize, free food and geek conversation in honor of the podcast's two years of existence.


Matthew Bogarin, aka Matt The Rat, recalls the origins of Chaos After Dark starting at a comic book shop in Whittier called Under City Chaos. He wanted to talk to other fans about comic book content they had in stock, and discuss comic books in general. The shop would eventually move away, but Bogarin stuck with the podcast ever since, calling it Chaos After Dark since it felt to him like the “light of the shop was turned off.”

“We ramble off into two or three different topics, we review and preview movies, everyone brings a different topic, we make fun of it, good or bad, address listener comments, and give overall thoughts,” explains Bogarin. “We want to make sure the show is fresh.”

Afficionados of the comic book world can enjoy the in-depth discussions, but the show also caters to people just getting interested in comics with a segment called “Geekology 101” where one of the co-hosts explains the origins of a comic book superhero or villain to allow the uninitiated a basis for understanding the character. “Comics are so newly accepted, there's so much we don't know. If there's something I don't know, chances are a lot of people listening won't know either. Some people don't agree with our comic views, but they appreciate the explanations,” Bogarin says.

Throughout the podcast's run, there have been various line-up changes in co-hosts, but  currently Nando Carlissian, the 'extremely weird co-host', Billy The Kid, 'the punk rocker' and Big Brother Martin, “The Jokester” round out the ensemble of discussion. Everyone fills in their own commentary on comics and express a range of perspectives on a given topic. “What I love most about the podcast is probably just getting together with these amazing people of all these different backgrounds, because as much as we have these amazing people of all these different personalities, and we all read different comics and favor different companies, this is the one thing that unifies us,” says Bogarin. “It's all about getting together and having that laugh and have that laugh recorded forever. You'll always have that moment.”

Bogarin, a long-time fan of Comic Book Hideout and friend of owner Glynnis Pruett, decided on having the podcast's second year anniversary at the store as a way to thank both the store and the fans for supporting the podcast. Saturday's event includes free food, games, an appearance by Deadpool artist Scott Koblish, and a raffle for an issue of Silver Surfer #17, signed by Stan Lee and Doug Jones, who played the Silver Surfer in the last Fantastic Four film.

For Chaos After Dark's first-year anniversary, they also held a live episode recording, so it's likely there will be one for their third, fourth, fifth, and every year after. Bogarin's production company, Ratt Haus Productions, just launched a new podcast series, The Morning Would, a twice-weekly morning talk show. “Podcast is the new radio, it's the new way to speak to the masses,” says Bogarin. “It's hard to get listeners and people to come on, but if you have quality, the people will always come.”

You can listen to Chaos After Dark through the iTunes podcast app, or online through Ratt Haus Productions at Chaos After Dark's live episode recording is this Saturday night at 7pm, free entry. For more information, visit the event page here.

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