Increase the Peace in Santa Ana [OC Weekly Editorial Cartoon]

This week’s “Orange Feathers” editorial cartoon comes courtesy of Weekly contributor Gabriel San Román, who’s decided to branch out into the drawering world. He took on the disturbing uptick in shootings this year in SanTana. Take it away, San Blogman!

“Pop, pop, pop!” Shell casings bounce off the concrete streets of Santa Ana after gunfire erupts yet again. The year is off to a horrendous start with a spate of gang-related shootings plaguing the community. This cartoon calls for calm. Santa Ana’s historic water tower, symbolizing the city, is riddled with bullets and the holes are gushing with blood. Increase the peace! 

Got an idea you want to turn into an editorial cartoon? Hit me up at garellano at ocweekly dot com. Enjoy!

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