In Print This Week: Rusko, Municipal Waste, Time and Energy, Ask Exene

[Editor's Note: Every Thursday, in addition to bombarding you with
blog posts, this newspaper does something really crazy…we write a
print version! Here's a taste of our top stories this week.]

1) Our lead feature explains Rusko's evolution from ska nerd to EDM wunderkind. For those of you embittered about the state of North American dubstep, this selector from Leeds, England is definitely your savior. For starters, he was actually lured into dubstep through dub music (what a concept!) and continues to favor irie island vibes over industrial aggression. More importantly, he talks about his process of improvising and creating his mixes on the fly. It allows him to act like he's in a band, despite being a control freak with an undying lust for orchestration. In any case, you definitely find him riding the spacebar on his laptop.

2) Our second feature highlights
the bearded, psychotic gore-a-holics of Municipal Waste. Take a look at
any one of their album covers to find out what these guys are about.
Just make sure you don't stop there. Trading in a mix of furious skate
punk and metal shredding, songs like “Headbanger Face Rip” and “Sadistic
Magician” create a certifiable soundtrack to the horrifying zombie
apocalypse that will one day consume us all. We talk to this wild, Virginia-bred four-piece who explain
how the ineffable pedigree of  the camp and carnage in their music is
just another way to make sense of our violent world.

3) Our Locals Only feature
investigates the history of Time and Energy. After starting the band a
few years ago, this duo continues to thrive on complex loop pedal
arrangements, acoustic soul and a little cosmic luck. At least that's
how we describe the band's brush with chaos when their tour van caught
on fire with all their gear inside and all their gear managed to
survive. With the release of their sophomore album Strange Kind of Focus,
we examine just how Brennan Roach and Jorge Rios are able to stretch
the limits of psychedelic pop music with two brains operating the sounds
of a five piece band.

4) Our Ask Exene
column is for all you cougars out there. Wanna catch yourself a cub who
wants more than a one night stand? It probably is as hard as you think
it is.

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