In Print This Week: Bad Brains, Henry Clay People, Shogun, Ask Exene

[Editor's Note: Every Thursday, in addition to bombarding you with
blog posts, this newspaper does something really crazy…we write a
print version! Here's a taste of our top stories this week.]

1) Our lead feature this week highlights D.C.'s foundational hardcore heroes Bad Brains. If by some unfortunate circumstances you're not familiar with them, drop what you're doing and spend a few hours getting addicted. For over three decades now, few if any have come close to matching their alchemy of brutal aggression, fretboard proficiency and rastafied spirituality. Having just released their newest effort, Into the Future, bassist Darryl Jenifer speaks about why the band's motto of PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) is still the only thing that stands between mankind and extinction. We also go into the band's recent documentary, A Band in D.C. that debuted at Suth By Southwest this year. You're definitely going to want to read what he has to say about it. They play the Observatory in Aanta Ana tonight.

2) Our second feature allows members of Yorba-Linda-bred indie rock
tribesmen the Henry Clay People talk about their band's last waltz at the Satellite next month. Yes, after this, it appears the band is parting ways. While
they may have cultivated most of their popularity in L.A. (what else is
new?), these local boys still came to us to break the news of their
split. Read exactly how it's going on with them in their own words. They
begin their final Monday night residency at the Satellite next week.

Our Locals Only column focuses on the return of our favorite
Irvine-by-way-of-Ohio trance DJ Shogun. Having spent the last year
bouncing all over Asia and Europe and being co-signed by EDM legend
Armin van Buuren, the selector born Andrew Chen reunites with OC
audiences, offering a mix of  pulsating, melodramatic synth flourishes
and wicked bass. He plays tomorrow night at the Yost Theater.

Our Ask Exene column surprised us a little bit this week. It isn't often
that you hear punk royalty like Exene Cervenka (who has seen and done
more than you could imagine in three lifetimes) to preach against taking
acid. But maybe she has a point. Read her answer to this week's
question and decide for yourself.

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