Imperial Stars: Arrested for Disturbing the Peace, Now Out of Jail and Seeking Dinner Dates Tonight in Hollywood

According to their Twitter feed, yesterday's traffic blockers and self-declared hardcore hip-hoppers from Garden Grove​ are now out of jail. (Imperial Stars were booked at Los Angeles County sheriff's Inmate Reception Center jail in downtown Los Angeles.) 

Earlier today, the OC Register  published the names of the band members who were arrested yesterday. Atop a truck with their band name emblazoned on it, the trio blocked three lanes of traffic on the southbound 101 freeway in Hollywood at about 10:20 a.m.

Keith Richard Yackey, 31, of Las Vegas; Christopher Roy Wright, 32, of Garden Grove; and David Paul Hale, 30, of Stanton, were arrested on suspicion of several counts: disturbing the peace, resisting or delaying a peace officer, conspiring to commit a crime, and unlawful assembly.

California Highway Patrol has said they could also face charges of obstructing traffic. Yackey is the guitarist and Wright as the vocalist of Imperial Stars on the band's website. Hale is not listed on the band's site, but the guy who looks like Shaun White in their publicity photos is listed on their bio as “Paul Arabella.” Same guy?


​The Register story said that when CHP officers arrived, they ordered the three men to stop playing their song “Traffic Jam 101” (whoa,  how literal), but they refused. The driver of the truck, who ran away with the tow truck's keys when the police arrived, has not been located. 
CHP officer Terry Liu told the Register:  “This type of behavior is not acceptable…Our officers were tied up on scene trying to handle this while they could have been handling other business or other emergency incidents occurring nearby, but instead they were stuck having to deal with this.”

Until September, the Imperial Stars were a five-piece: Alec Bauer was on guitar and Kenny Cash played the drums. Yesterday, Bauer posted this on his Facebook fan page; stay tuned for more developments.

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