Immigration Reform Fast at Congressman's Office Restricted by Irvine Co. and Irvine Police

See the update at the end of the next page on restrictions imposed on peaceful protesters by Irvine Police and landowner The Irvine Co.

ORIGINAL POST, DEC. 9, 7:07 A.M.: Those who are fasting to draw attention to the national immigration-reform debate are moving from their perch in front of the district office of Rep. Ed Royce (R-Brea) to the one of the fellow pictured at right, Rep. John Campbell (R-Irvine).

Today is the first day of the four-day, five-person “Fast for Families” in front of Campbell's office.


The aim of local faith, union and community leaders is “to highlight the costly human and economic toll of an immigration system that does not work,” according to organizers, who add:

The U.S. Senate already passed legislation that will help the economy in local communities flourish by drawing on the skills, talents and economic input of every American. But House Republican leaders are ignoring the strong majority of voters, with Speaker John Boehner recently signaling his refusal to bring a comprehensive reform bill forward for a vote.

Univision anchorman Jorge Ramos just said on The Daily Show that if the Republicans continue to block comprehensive immigration reform, they will lose the White House again thanks to the long memory of the growing Latino voter bloc in 2016.

More pressure comes from these fasts in GOP districts around the country, including outside Royce's office in Brea two weeks ago.

OC Faith, Union, Community Coalition Holds Hunger Strike over No Immigration Reform

The fast outside Campbell's office at 20 Pacifica, Irvine, kicks off with a rally at 11 this morning. Just look for the signs, banners and tents.

UPDATE, DEC. 10, 9:35 A.M.: Do you think if teabaggers were holding vigil outside a Democrat congressman's office to protest Obamacare, the landlords at The Irvine Co. would have a problem with that?

Something to ponder as Fast4Families report they have had to alter their hours in front of the district office of Rep. John Campbell (R-Irvine) due to “problems” from The Irvine Co. and its taxpayer-funded security force, the Irvine Police Department.

Due to problems with the Irvine police and/or the Irvine Company, the fasters will not be allowed to remain outside Campbell's office during daylight hours as originally planned. Therefore, they will be standing vigil from 11am until noon Tuesday-Friday and will hold a candlelight vigil from 5:30-6:30pm every evening through Thursday outside his office at 20 Pacifica, Irvine 92618. Please do come to offer your support during these hours!!

Once again, thanks for your help in bringing just immigration reform to a vote —


Props to taxpayer-funded Campbell having the smarts to locate his taxpayer-funded office (and how! … see below) on private property so he can be shielded from public dissent.

John Campbell and Loretta Sanchez Confronted Over High Rents Paid to Campaign Contributors

BTW, Campbell has a history of silencing dissenters there.

Rep. Campbell and Irvine Co. War on Christmas: Security Goons Bar Students Singing Carols

God bless America!

Jacob Hay of SEIU-USWW says that since cops and the landowner have forbidden camping in front of the congressman's luxurious suite of high-rent offices at 20 Pacifica you and I are paying for, fasters and their supporters are spending nights at the Irvine United Congregational Church at 4915 Alton Parkway, Irvine.

Just try to get in the way of religious freedom to stop that, million/billionaire douchebags!

And for putting the demonstrators through the trouble, the spectacle has been extended through Friday.

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