I'll Have Racism wid my Cheesesteak, Por Favor

Philadelphia won't stand pat if Pittsburgh gets some publicity, so while Steelers quarterback Ben Roesthlisburger rests after a trip with idiocy, Philly's famed Geno's Steaks goes about offending Mexicans by telling customers to order in English. Amazingly (or is it?), Times writer David Zucchino finds some Orange County residents visiting Philly to agree with owner Geno Vento–“”I had to learn it. It's not that hard,” Newport Beach resident Roman Le told Zucchino (really, Le? Tell that to the gents who chain-smoke in those seedy Little Saigon coffee shops). We agree with Vento, so next time you go to an Italian restaurant, ask for organ-grinder pie instead of “pizza,” Mafia stew instead of “pasta e fagiole” and Eye-talian noodles instead of “fettucine.”

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