IKEA Offers 3-Course Prix Fixe Dinner for $7.99

We write about IKEA food here. Yes we do. We like it despite the gruff and borderline insolent servers, the awful eggs, the fact that the food is just a means to get people in the door.


We like it because the price is often just about right (the 99-cent breakfast particularly). And now this weekend, IKEA is offering a 3-course prix fixe for $7.99.

For the first course, you have the choice of soup or salad. For the main, one of four options: 15 meatballs with mashed potato; North Atlantic Saithe with mashed potatoes and carrots; roast chicken with mashed potatoes and veggies; or chicken tenders with fries.

For dessert: either chocolate cake or tiramisu.

It's a lot of food for the price of valet at dineLA Restaurant Week, which, by the way, begins on Monday.

IKEA's own version, a Restaurant Weekend, if you will, starts Saturday the 18th and lasts through Monday the 20th.

Thanks to JB for the tip.

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