IKEA Meatball Meal $1 Through Sunday & Three Tips to Make Them More Enjoyable

Frankly, it seems IKEA does this quite frequently and I share it on this blog with about the same kind of frequency. It's not that I like IKEA or IKEA food that much.

But a bargain is a bargain, and news is news. So here it is: IKEA will be selling their meatball plates for $1 today through Sunday.

Here are, however, three tips that will make your cheap-ass lunch or dinner slightly more pleasant.


1. Make sure you specify that you want the $1 meatball plate. They have special china that allows the cashiers to distinguish between those who know about the $1 special from those who don't. In other words, you want to be flagged as a cheapskate here. Also, be prepared to be treated like one.

2. Don't expect them to have any Tabasco sauce (one of the things I used to use to make them halfway palatable). They took them away months ago and never brought them back.

3. If you're going to the Costa Mesa store, and you want to make a quick exit after you've eaten (going through the IKEA maze is how they make up the costs), walk down the stairs, hang a quick right to the turnstiles next to the kids' ball room.

You're welcome.

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